Thursday, December 28, 2006

17 Things I did not know last year

The BBC News Magazine has an interesting list of 100 things that were learned through news stories over the past year. Like the fact that the Cowardly Lion's costume is made of real lion. Or the fact that Barbie's full name is Barbie Millicent Roberts (good to know...I can impress and amaze my daughters now).

On a similar note, I thought I would compile a few of my own findings:

1. I personally know the owners and wearabouts of the original Santa and Rudolph from the classic stop motion animated holiday specials.

2. When informing my kids that Santa doesn't exist, I should remind them not to tell the neighbor kids.

3. When installing a new sink, make sure the drain lines up with the old drain.

4. Disney truly does control the weather.

5. Home Depot rebates suck.

6. Don't buy the fabric protection warranty when buying furniture (that's coming in a future blog).

7. Eggos now come in the form of Legos.

8. The important thing about an electrical inspection is not how safe the wiring job is, but how much you can afford to pay the inspector.

9. If hanging a TV on the wall, get your bracket on eBay. Otherwise you're paying about 500% more than you should.

10. We never had hidden hardwood floors under our old carpets.

11. No matter how much stuff you own, if you absolutely need to you can gather in all and store it in one third of your house.

12. If using bread while sweating pipe, avoid the country wheat.

13. Geckos are parthenogenic. And they die easily.

14. The best mouse trap is peanut butter spread on one of those sticky traps. But be prepared for the evil task of crushing the poor helpless varmint once you get him.

15. I want one of these trucks.

16. the United Airlines emergency kit is useful only if you need to be revitalized by the sea.

17. Kindergarten classrooms are much smaller than I remember them. And not nearly big enough to hold the swelling of parents' pride when they send that first kid to school.

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