Friday, July 28, 2006

Flashbacks through carpeting

Last night we had the pleasure of ripping up the carpet in our old family room. This was a gray berber carpet with absolutely no life left in it anymore, in a room that's been used as a playroom, an office, a living room, a potty-training room, and a general dumping ground for all things Fisher-Price.

As we ripped it up, I was reminded of a Simpsons Episode, where Homer comes across a box of baking soda in the fridge and bets he can eat the whole thing. "Wow, the absorbed odors of a million meals," he says. Almost immediately, Homer is overwhelmed by the flavors of meals past, and has some interesting hallucinations. We hear a sound bite of Johnny Cochran's famous "If it doesn't fit, you must acquit" slogan, and see a hamburger with fries floating against a techno background of computerized numbers. Nixon's resignation speech accompanies some disco music, a mirrored ball and a pie. Finally, as we hear Neil Armstrong take his famous first step on the moon, a meatball sandwich bobs above a psychedelic background. The sandwich starts spinning, and we are transported back to the present, where Homer lies in a stupor on the kitchen table, with baking soda foaming out of his mouth and nostrils.

As we ripped up the festering mess of a carpet, we were reminded of the time Natalie puked. Of the time the sippy cup of milk leaked. Of the juice spills. The leaky diapers. Oh, the memories. Good times, good times.

And no, we were not greeted with hardwood floors underneath.

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