Friday, April 08, 2005

The Pledge

Okay, so this is a little silly, but I found it as a memo in my old Palm Pilot today.

When Natalie was an infant and breastfeeding, she had a habit of holding her hand to her heart as if pledging allegiance. So, we wrote a special pledge for her:

I pledge allegiance
To mommy's boob
And to the Lactation Consultants
Of america
And to the nutrition
For which it stands
Two nipples
In the bra
With vitamins
And sustenance
For all.

Monday, April 04, 2005

The Magic Eraser

Today Natalie (the elder young'in) ended up in Time Out for scribbling on the wall. It seems that she got carried away at her drawing table in the family room and, in an artistic burst of passion, sketched out in dramatic strokes of Vibrant Orange, Laser Lemon, and Burnt Umber what I believe to have been an octopus riding a bicycle in a rainstorm.

The reason Natalie ended up in Time Out was not because of her wall art, but rather because she attempted to blame it on her sister Jessica. Mind you, Jessica's drawing skills at this point in her 18-month life carry very little artistic merit and would in fact be poo-poo'ed by many a SoHo critic. The Time Out was to teach her a lesson, but in fact the lesson I believe she actually learned was NOT to not place blame on her sibling, but that next time she should avoid signing her NAME to the artwork. You see, across the bottom of the picture it clearly said, "EILATAN", which is her own 4-1/2 year old way of spelling her own name backwards. Curses! Foiled again!

So, in order to teach her a lesson, I took the little graffiti artist with me to the supermarket, had her pick out and pay for (yes, I gave her money) a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, and together she and I scrubbed the walls down. Okay, well actually I scrubbed while she catched the drips that ran down the wall.

P.S. I highly recommend one of those Magic Eraser thingies. I wish that the walls of our house were actually MADE of whatever these things are made of.