Friday, July 14, 2006

Really Poor Customer Service

So we purchased our family room and kitchen flooring a couple of weeks ago through a local flooring company that has this "shop at home" deal. A salesman came over with his floor samples and we bought directly through him. We purchased an in-stock laminate floor that we would pick up and put in our family room ourselves, and also purchased a replacement vinyl floor for the kitchen that would be professionally installed. We told the guy that the kitchen floor couldn't be installed until August when a wall was taken down and new cabinets were installed.

So a day after we place the order, the store calls us to ask if they can come the next day to install the floor. We tell them no, and explain the above to them. Okay, so the sales guy failed to tell the store the part about waiting until August. No biggie.

Yesterday, the installer called our house to say he was on the way there to install the vinyl, and needed directions.


So I called the store back. Before I could ask anything, the guy who answered the phone asked if there was ANY way they could install today, so as to not mess up the schedule, and not to worry, the guy is a totally trustworthy born-again Christian, and blah blah...

When I finally got a word in edgewise I told him that he couldn't install not because we weren't home, but because there's a WALL IN THE WAY.

Meanwhile, the in-stock laminate floor we ordered for some reason still wasn't at the store to pick up after over a week. Each day I would call the store, and they'd tell me "tomorrow." Early this week, I called the salesguy and asked him to check into it. Yesterday he told me it's in the store warehouse, ready to pick up. He said the warehouse guy put his hands on the order, and it's definitely there.

So I called the store back to find out how late they were open, and the guy at the store tells me the order isn't there. I not-so-politely told him to get his butt on the phone with his sales guy and tell me something that actually makes sense.

Today, I called the sales guy once more, and dropped the L-bomb. I told him if he didn't have the order available for pickup by noon I was canceling the whole thing and going to Lowes.

An hour later, the flooring was delivered, free of charge, to the house. This entire time (two weeks), it was in a warehouse in Penn Hills, about 20 miles from here.

Later this afternoon, I got a call from the store, informing me my order is in and ready to pick up.

Sad. Really, really sad.

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