Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Bob informed us that he was done, for now, until we got around to painting rooms. He said he'd come back once we've painted and finish the trim, and the little things. Things like door handles, faucets, shower doors. But I'm thinking this is what it's like when the kids go off to college. Suddenly it's silent, and no one around to clean up the mess except ourselves. But like that proverbial freshman back with a load of dirties for the washer, Bob will be back with a laundry list of things to do within the next week.

Speaking of dirties, our current decorating motif seems to be a bit of early post-Katrina, without the mold and wetness. Every room is beyond disheveled. It's like we just moved in, but the movers didn't bring in boxes. Instead they just backed the van up to the front door and dumped. as I sit here in our former dining room, now office, I look behind me to see our KitchenAid mixer stacked on top of a DVD cabinet, along with a six-pack of Coke, a telescope, a baking dish, a drafting board, notes for the plumber, and a fake plum. and that's just in the corner. In the new dining room, all the furniture is more or less in place, but the contents of the china hutch cover every square inch of the dining table.

And those are the neatest rooms.

We've got a long way to go.

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