Tuesday, January 02, 2007

PT 101

With a week of vacation over the holidays, we decided to focus more of our efforts on getting our younger one to recognize the virtues of the potty seat. I think it started something like this:

"C'mon sweety. Which would you rather do? Pee in a diaper that soaks it all up and gets it out of your way so you don't even have to think about getting up from your 15th time watching Wonder Pets this week, or hold it in until you can rush to this closet of a room, fumble with your zipper, and plop down on this cold, hard, porcelain throne to pee, noisily flushing it away along with your very own soul down the drain never to be seen again, followed by a thorough hand washing and re-dressing, only to rush back to Wonder Pets and discover that you missed the scene where the mouse with the pilot's helmet managed to get the team together and save the rhino stuck in the mud? I mean, really.

Come to think of it, I look forward to getting old and wearing Depends, so I won't miss any of Wonder Pets either.

We were actually moderately successful this week. My wife formulated a brilliant plan starting with the purchase of a display case containing little toy horses, which we set on top of the TV for the kid to see. We told her she would get a horse each time she successfully peed in the potty. So far she's gotten two horses, named Nichole and Michael. I believe her plan now is to mate them and make her own new horses, thus having no need for our silly plan.

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