Thursday, November 23, 2006

Kids say the darndest things, Episode #384

The other day my wife called me at work, using her "concerned" voice. That's the one I usually hear when I've accidentally tossed her jeans in the dryer, when I've taken the kids outside to play without appropriate garb, or when I've decided to take the Fubar to the counter tops at ten o'clock at night while the kids are sleeping.

This time, it was something different. She asked me, "Did you tell Natalie that Santa doesn't exist?"

Confused, I asked her what she was talking about. It turns out that on the bus home from Kindergarten, Natalie's little friend asked her if she believed in Santa (we're Jewish, by the way). She said no. When her friend asked her why, she gave the classic line of, "cuz my daddy told me." Of course, the kid went home devastated, her dreams destroyed, and her mom called my wife to inform us Christmas was ruined.

I searched through my memory banks...searching, searching...dang. There it was. The night she lost her second tooth, she told me she didn't believe in the Tooth Fairy. I provided a very convincing argument that, in fact Eudora Enamel was real as it gets, and that I'd even met her. I believe the line went something like, "Real? Of course she's real, I mean, she's not like Santa Claus, she's a REAL PERSON! I even met her!"


Happy Thanksgiving all. But before I go, I thought I'd share another goody...

I was dressing Jessica for bed just now. She chose a lovely pink camouflage designed princess fuzzy sleeper, with a crown on it. After she was done dressing, she exclaimed, "I'm going to tell mommy I'm a Camel!"

I replied with, "why are you a camel?"

"Because of this!"

"This what?"

"My sleeper! It's Camel Flash!"


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