Thursday, January 29, 2009

Worst sound bite ever

Back in high school, my one brief moment of popularity came when I joined a small group of friends and rented a helicopter as transportation to the Senior Prom. For a very brief time, all those high school bullies whose fists I was so well acquainted with were actually impressed by me. My moment of pride was damped slightly after I was interviewed by the local news team, and the ONLY part they put on the air was me exclaiming, "It was cheap! It was cheap!"

My buddies are STILL giving me crap for that.

Well, today I outdid even that glorious statement.

During lunch today I walked into a local sandwich shop, and Channel 4 Action News was there waiting for someone dumb enough to grant an interview. The guy with the mic asked me if I’d be willing. I asked what the subject was. He said they were interviewing people about concerns related to the big peanut butter recall. I told him I’d be willing to fake my way through it, and I believe I did. We talked on camera for close to 5 minutes, and I thought I came off fairly intelligent and well-versed on the subject.

I saw myself this evening on the 5pm news. This time my sound bite was far, far worse. I ended up with about a half second of air time. And check out what I said. While I can't find the actual video, here's the transcript. I'm towards the end.

I put a lot of faith into making sure I'm up on the news and finding out what we need to pay attention to.

Are you KIDDING ME??? What the hell does that even MEAN???????? And look at that participle, just dangling off the end there. What the hell!!!????

And by the way, I'm a shopper FROM McCandless, not IN McCandless!

I'm never doing an on camera interview again.

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