Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A couple of interesting tidbits

While I work on my next piece of fish-wrapping for this blog, I thought I'd post a couple of interesting items I came across today in an effort to keep traffic to the site and ensure folks know I haven't vanished off the face of the blogosphere just yet.

Electric Bandaids
An interesting article about a company attempting to bring the electric bandage to market. According to the story, it's well known that a little jolt of electric current helps wounds heal. Personally, I think the scientists are headed down the wrong path here. What they really need to be doing is figure out a way of embedding mommy's kiss into these things. However, I wonder if they will come out in Dora and Spongebob versions?

World's Cutest Autism Therapy
Yet another Carnegie Mellon spinoff has created a toy robot called the Beatbot, designed to aid therapists in autism therapy. Check this thing out, it's totally adorable, and yet strangely Big Brotherish given it contains a camera that watches how you react to it. Make sure to click the link at the end of the article to watch the video, I dare you to look away. I want one of these.

My wife has been Shrunky Dunk!
My wife is currently aiding my offspring with the process of cooking Shrinky Dinks. Apparently, in the directions, they seem to have dangled a participle or two. The directions state, "Watch as the plastic begins to curl, move about and then flatten."

Which explains why my wife was scurrying around the floor trying to squeeze under the door.

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