Monday, January 19, 2009


Well, those two crazy nutbag buddies of mine made it to the game, and tailgating was successful. Most of the time was spent hanging out with two equally nutty guys who came in from Toronto for the game. It was interesting to hear two Canadian's takes on Football, Obama and Sarah Palin, and I couldn't help but point out how impressed I was with their knowledge given 90 percent of the people in Heinz Field Gold Lot 1 had no idea who runs the government of Canada (yes, myself included). I was also strangely impressed by the fact that they brought ACTUAL Canadian bacon to put on their hamburgers.

I should also make a correction to my previous post, which is to point out that they in fact did NOT buy season tickets to the Bills in order to gain the rights to buy playoff tickets. No, instead one of them is on the waiting list for season tickets to the Steelers. Ah, much less nutty.

So after all that planning, it was mission accomplished. I met my friends for a fun tailgate, and they got to freeze their keesters off all night watching Ben and Troy take charge. Dear god...I'm assimilating....please help me....

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