Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Ask the Smart Dad...

I found this in a pile on my desk. It's a picture my daughter drew two years ago in Kindergarten. Don't ask why it's a negative image...that's my scanner acting wonky. What's important is the message. "I will ask MY SMART DAD before taking any unknown substance."

Note the light bulb of brilliancy and the corporate logo shirt. She knows me well. And she knows she'll get a straight answer from me. While I don't recall being asked recently by my daughter if she could snort any white powder or down a bottle of skull-and-crossbones-flavored Gogurt, I'm ready for anything.

"Dad, what's this stuff?"

"That's Oxalic acid, dear. I use it to clean bird poop off the deck."

"Do you think it might taste good on ice cream?"

"Dunno. Never tried."

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