Thursday, April 13, 2006

STEP 1: destroy all grass

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We are well underway today. The diggers are digging. Interesting that they dropped off the excavation equipment a few days ago, and I'm pretty sure did some donuts on the grass. The purpose of that, I believe was that if they start off with the grass all nerfed up, the home owner isn't going to worry about it later in the process. seems like a reasonable idea to me.

We also had our first minor hiccup of the process. Bob the builder (yes, his name is Bob, that's why we hired him....) realized that we measured one wall wrong. If we'd gone by the dimensions on the left side of the architectural plan, the new space would have been 4" shorter than if we'd used the measurements on the right side. No big deal, all is well, but it's a good thing he didn't order the floor joists yet. Bob first asked me if we should forget the extra 4 inches. I asked him what that would affect, and he said the bathroom vanity would be a little shorter. I said no big deal. But then he also said the workshop would be 4" shorter. I told him no f'ing way. a man's gotta have his priorities, you know. I can brush my teeth in a smaller bathroom, but don't mess with my workshop.


Anonymous said...

That grass is damn green! Don't they have winter on Toft Court?

Natalie & Jessica's Dad said...

Not this year. I've got a snowblower with a full tank of gas that never even got started up this year. Pittsburgh is truly the land that weather forgot.