Monday, April 17, 2006

But who will wash your back?

So as the builder does his thing, the list of decisions we have to make grows. Currently that list includes:

* The shower, toilet and sink
* Flooring for all the new rooms
* Paint/wallpaper
* Windows
* Paint for ceilings
* Kitchen cabinets
* Kitchen countertop
* Doors for office
* Outside doors
* Furniture
* Siding and shutters
* Mirrors for above the bed (oh wait, that's another list)

I'm sure there is more, but that's just what I thought up during my last visit to the bathroom. So, this past weekend, we attempted to work on the first couple of items on the list. Speaking of bathrooms, let's talk about showers for a minute.

Being of the practical (and cheap) sorts, we decided it would be prudent to avoid the excessive cost of a big ol' whirlpool tub. We'd never use it, we'd never clean it, and it would cost a portion of our children's college tuition to fill it. We therefore decided we didn't need another tub (got two already), so a shower-only model was the way to go. We then learned there are more varieties of showers than there are ways to get dirty. And they can cost as little as a few hundred bucks, or approximately the same as your average Bentley Continental.

Take this one for example, which includes a foot massaging system and overhead speakers. There are showers with teak flooring, showers that utilize hydrotherapy and aromatherapy, and I'm pretty sure showers that include built-in geishas that will massage your buttocks with leaves of heather if you so desire. When we spoke with one distributor, she recommended a line from Aker. Aker was a shipbuilder who somehow got into the business of shower-building. To me that's a career move in the wrong direction, but I'm sure he's doing comfortably. Supposedly he took what he knew about shipbuilding, encorporated his knowledge into shower-building, and the result was a very fine place to rinse your privates. Who knew?

So after a fairly full friday of wandering to bathroom galleries we discovered what anyone who watches those home shows on HGTV knows already, which is that it's virtually impossible to make a decision. Oy, this is gonna take some effort.

I'm not even gonna get into flooring.

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