Saturday, April 15, 2006

Coolest truck ever

On Thursday, the excavators carved out the footprint of the addition in preparation to pour the footer. At about 4pm, they got the weather report and found out that Friday called for rain. "Hey," they said. "Let's just pour the footer today." so Tom, the lead excavator guy, picked up his cell, and in ten minutes this truck showed up on our street. It seem someone came up with a way of delivering concrete much the same way as one delivers pizza. After talking with the owner of the truck I found out that he's got three of these rigs in strategic locations around the suburbs, and can usually respond to a call within an hour. The machine has a number of hoppers containing gravel, sand, water, and other mysterious chemicals, and simply by lowering the nozzle attached to the tail, it pours out perfectly-mixed concrete ready to pour. The truck even has a built-in credit card reader. Beats out any tonka truck I ever had.

Rather than drive this massive rig on my driveway, the excavators chose to go back and forth with their little four-wheeled John Deere bucket-loader. After the third or fourth pass, the driver of the bucket loader got into a real rhythm, much to the expense of what little grass was left back there. It's amazing what you can do to a lawn driving one of these things in circles at 30 mph.

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