Friday, April 28, 2006

An Army Of #1

Been doing some toilet shopping. I'm noticing a theme here. Toilets are supposed to inspire one to think of greatness, of patriotism, of military life.

First, there's American Standard's Cadet.

Then, Eljer's TITAN (hmm, sounds like a few of my p...never mind)

But there are also lines that inspire regalness, and royalty.

Check out American Standard's Ugliest Bathroom contest. Perhaps I can submit my childhood bathroom, it's bright red formica counters and silver wallpaper with preprinted grafitti for next year.

And if you're REALLY into poopers, check out The Toilets Of The World site, starting with one in a hospital in Saint Peterburg, Russia. The open plumbing is used by patients to dispose of empty vodka bottles, newspapers, and cigarette butts. Many plumbing chases in the hospital have experienced minor flue fires.

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