Thursday, April 20, 2006

I hear there's a floor

You know, it kinda sucks to sit in an office all day when all kinds of fun stuff with cool trucks and power tools is happening at home. The report from my wife is they poured the basement floor today. So now, even if we decided this whole renovation was a crappy idea and killed the project, at least we have a basketball court on the back of the house.

Builder Bob informed me that by tomorrow there should be a big pile of lumber sitting in the yard, and framing should start Monday. He also informed me that by a week from tomorrow, he'll be ready to start "infiltrating" the existing house, meaning knocking some walls down. That's when the REAL fun starts.

Yesterday, as I met with the builder and the inspector over lunch to decide where the sump would be located, I took a look at what is currently the back of the house and realized something. The back of the house is brick. After construction, those brick walls will be interior walls in the workshop and mud room. Those walls are filthy from years of exposure to the elements. Great, another project to do. I spent the evening locating a friend with a power washer and scrubbing the outside of the house.

So, I'd like to take a moment to say a few kind words about the little guy. We're considering a laminate (like Pergo) floor for the new space. Naturally out first stop was home Depot. While they have a wide selection, if you want to take a sample home you must pay a buck for each 2" wide sample you want. The other day I went to Pittsburgh Discount Flooring, a place that also sells Pergo. When I asked for samples, he gave me free reign to take home a full 4-foot wide plank of each and every color I was interested in. For free. That's called service.

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