Thursday, May 31, 2007

Kromofons: The future of the Alphabet (or not)

Here's an article about some wackjob (or perhaps genius?/) who invented a new alphabet years ago based not on written text but on colors. Quite simply, each color represents a letter of the alphabet. He invented this years ago, but only now felt it was ready for the world due to the ubiquity of color monitors. Frankly, I see a whole new market for little code puzzles on kids' place mats at the local Olive Garden, but beyond that, I don't see it.

The website is an enjoyable, if not completely useless and time consuming, toy for about ten minutes, but it contains many of the inventor's complex word and sentence creations with little to no explanation of practical application. Basically, the guy must have had a little too much free time in his bedroom as a kid.

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Lee said...

Do you really think that we would make it easy at the beginning ?

It is all proof of code at this point and to see what would happen when the general public gets exposed to something that we have been using for 35 years, without telling anyone about it.

The real site is chuck full of applications, and will be released slowly as we obtain the rights to every book, and every song.

For the time being however, it will increase the number of brain synaptic connections slowing down the process of memory loss, and can increase the ability to express thoughts that do not quite fit into 'words'.

It is not the reading in it, as much as the thinking in it.

I like the mat idea, though.

Thanks for mentioning the medium.

Dr Lee Freedman