Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Fathers Day

Yesterday of course was Mothers Day, and as luck would have it while attempting to provide my wife with a day of bliss I think I stumbled upon the ultimate Fathers Day.

The morning started off with me cooking a nice brunch with all the trimmings. Works for me. I love to cook. Then, to give the wife some "me" time I took the kids out in the back yard to play. They ran around while I awaited a delivery of gravel for the landscaping under the new deck. Yes, I actually had the balls to schedule a gravel delivery on Mothers Day. While I waited, I dug out the area for our new walkway. Rarely does one handle a pickax on Mothers Day.

After the gravel delivery. It was off to Lowes. What? Lowes, you say? Yes, my lovely wife was reminiscing about the lilac trees in her back yard during childhood, so I suggested we check out the garden center at Lowes. While there, I loaded up on about a hundred square feet of pavers for the walkway along with two lilac bushes and some other items. after a stop at Cold Stone Creamery to harden our arteries, we came back and spent the afternoon landscaping.

Side note, during my wife's morning "me" time she went for a walk and passed by the neighbors' house. They swapped stories about Mothers Day events and, when she told them about going to Lowes later the husband replied with, "you're going to Lowes on Mothers Day??? Wow, you're a rockin' wife!"

Had it not been for the fact that we were out of beer, this would have been a perfect Fathers Day. As I often say to my wife (okay okay, not nearly often enough), how'd I get so lucky?

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