Friday, March 31, 2006

Top ten signs it's time to build an addition

10. Before you sit down at your desk to get some work done you need to remove three Fisher Price Little People, a pile of graham cracker crumbs, and a leaking sippy cup full of what was once milk from in front of the computer keyboard.

9. You get dressed in the dark on tiptoes every morning so no one wakes up.

8. Your family hasn't come to visit in three years because they are tired of sleeping standing up in the furnace room.

7. You rent a Rug Doctor for the weekend, but your carpets just laugh at you.

6. Your kitchen wallpaper pattern is "early handprint"

5. You think that tearing your house apart, living amongst boxes and dust for 6 months, and spending every waking moment painting, nailing, or sanding something might just be what your marriage needs to give it a little spice.

4. You love a little sawdust in your coffee.

3. You've stopped repairing broken things in the house because whenever you look at them you think, "gee if we renovated, we'd just get rid of that".

2. The thought of staging a house for sale and thus keeping it clean for more than thirty seconds at a time frightens you to the depths of your soul.

1. You've decided to join the rest of America and explore the world of debt.

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