Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Happiness is...

Happiness is an entire winter without anyone throwing up.

It's when both kids go to bed before LOST comes on.

It's when neither wakes up at night.

It's when they both stay asleep until the coffee is made.

It's that rare fleeting moment when there's more clean laundry than dirty.

It's that one gem in a collection of ruined photos.

It's instance #3,921 when some stranger says, "oh, that red hair!"

It's the big hugs.

It's having a DVD player in the minivan.

It's the first Saturday of the month at the Home Depot Kids Clinic (come to think of it, it's any Saturday at Home Depot).

It's making it to the top.

It's sitting on the deck while the kids are on the swings.

It's making something for dinner slightly more exotic than chicken nuggets and french fries and having both of them eat it.

It's when they ask for seconds.

It's when they want ice cream and so do you.

It's the closing music to Barney.

It's when they come up with comments like the one below.

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