Saturday, March 25, 2006

And that, your honor, is how I got the Band-Aid

Last night I came home from work to see Natalie pouting and pointing to a Band-Aid on her knee. I said to her, "what's the Band-aid for?" The following is a word-for-word, unedited transcript of the answer she gave me.

"When I was going to hunter's house, all we did was make dresses, like the one I have at home. And then when we were picking up Spencer, we had donuts - Easter donuts. We all got the same donuts. They had pink, purple and white frosting. And then when they dropped me off home, they stayed instead of went home when they dropped me off at my house when I came home. Then we played a little bit. Then I found a piece of tape stuck on my black sock. Me and Hunter, while she was drawing, I found a piece of tape. I said let's go find my magnifying glass in the white bin, but I couldn't find it. We were digging to the bottom, but I could not find it. so I said, "I have a safari kit downstairs". So we went downstairs to find my safari kit to see if my black magnifying glass was in my safari kit, which is the same color as my sock. so we went downstairs, and as I was walking I was singing, "Safarrrri. Safarrrri.". Then I tripped on my Little People House and popped my balloon. It was a red balloon. I called everybody and Hunter, Mommy, Spencer and Lisa all came to see what happened. I tripped on the thing and got a scratch. so we went upstairs and mommy got a Band-Aid. And that's where I got this Band-Aid."

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Howard said...

She's gonna grow up to write a really good blog one day.