Wednesday, March 04, 2009

This is Apple Support, what are you wearing?

I’m working at home on our iMac today. For the past several weeks the little scroll ball on the Wireless Mouse has given me trouble, refusing to scroll in any direction except up. I finally got tired of ignoring the issue and called Apple support. After saying the words "Wireless Mouse to the voice recognition system without it being recognized, I finally got myself transferred to a human, who forwarded me to a guy with a southern drawl (and, no, not southern India, more like Alabama). He asked me an interesting question.

“Sir, what kinda pants are ya wearing right now?”

I told him blue jeans.

“Perfect. Sir, I wantcha to take the mouse hold it upside down on yer blue jeans and rub it around on your pant leg so the ball spins real fast.”

I did.

“Is it workin’ now?”

Yup, sure was.

Best support call ever.


Kelly said...

Are you kidding? We have sent that damn mouse back three times. All I had to do was rub it on my jeans? I'm so gonna impress the husband with that fix.

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