Monday, July 14, 2008

I'm on vacation, gimme a break

Okay, so Renovating Parenthood has been a tad dry in terms of content lately. What do you want from me, it's summer! There's lawns to mow! Porches to rebuild! Chipmunks to poison!

And despite the media's insistence that we should all be planning our staycations this summer, the family unit and I decided to buck the system and get out of Dodge last week. Off we went to Baltimore, home of those baseball-playing Oreos. The last time we really went anywhere as a crew was Niagara, where it disgusted me to feel I was dumping the contents of my wallet over Canada for mediocre entertainment and lousy fast food. Oddly enough the same sort of wallet-cleaning occurred in Baltimore, but frankly I was okay with it. Baltimore is a fabulous town, and we enjoyed spending our money there.

While kudos goes to the wife for excellent planning and hotel arrangements, I take responsibility for making the drive to Baltimore completely blissful. The key was my brilliant idea to have the girls, armed with their dvds and snack foods, buckled in about a mile behind us virtually out of earshot in the third row of the Odyssey. Until Honda includes a cone of silence as optional equipment, that's about as good as it's gonna get. Stress-free drive means a stress free daddy.

My wife selected the Inn at Henderson's Wharf as the place to park our weary behinds during the stay. She couldn't have found a better spot. A converted tobacco factory right on the water, it was a fantastic place. If you're headed to Baltimore I highly recommend it.

During the week we did the typical touristy things. We rode the Duck Boats, spent a dad admiring the fishies in the fantastic Baltimore Aquarium, and ate more ice cream than one really should in an average week. We even checked out the B&O Railroad Museum, followed by a day visiting friends in Annapolis, and had a chance to tour the gorgeous Annapolis Harbor and ogle the yachts.

So, now we're back. I promise to be a better grandson. I promise to write more. Really I do.

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Howard said...

you made up for the delay with "spent a dad..."