Monday, June 16, 2008

A little Fathers Day Rasta, mon

Sunday was, in my humble opinion, a perfect Fathers Day.

After sleeping late, my kids surprised me with the power tools that I bought a few days earlier and had my wife hide (how did they know???). We then spent much of the morning cleaning the garage. Now, you're probably thinking, "what the heck kind of Fathers Day event is that? Well, the important part of that last sentence is the word "we". You see, my family actually HELPED me clean the garage. I believe it's a first. It obviously WAS a special day.

In the afternoon (and a beautiful afternoon it was), the four of us went to a concert in a park. It was a Reggae Band called Spiritual Rez. We had gotten there early, so we were fairly close to the front. There was quite the collection of hippies, stoners beatnicks and freaks there. All good people, mind you.

About a half hour before the concert started, Natalie noticed a gypsyish-looking woman in a sun dress with a pretty freaky tattoo down her back; she was hula hooping. Natalie got up the guts to go ask to try it herself, and instantly become the star of the crowd (I had no idea she was such a good hula hooper).

Then, the concert started, and both Natalie and Jessica decided to dash up to the very front and center and dance, nonstop, for at least 45 minutes. Now, given this was a Reggae concert, the crowd was feeling the vibe, and there was plenty of dancing going on. Natalie was right in the center of it all. The image of Natalie, wearing a very preppy teal-colored short sleeve shirt, khaki capris and, and Disney Princess sandals, strutting her moves (picture Elaine from Sienfeld) in amongst about 50 or so of these stoners, hippies, and free-loving rasta tatooed creatures was absolutely priceless.

We're talking skinny dudes in cargo shorts with no shirts, scruffy wastoids in dreadlocks and rasta caps, numerous young ladies dressed for the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, and even a guy with a backpack full of juggling pins (hey, we love you all, 'mon). The whole scene got even better when the lady with the hula hoop gave it to Natalie again so she could show off in what was effectively a mellow mosh pit. The crowd was eating it up, Natalie was feeding off the attention. And me without my damned video camera.

In an effort to give the younger sibling her moment in the bloglight, I must also mention the events of the day before. Jessica had her first ballet recital. She and a dozen or so of her 4-year-old classmates were the opening act in a two-hour grand presentation, performing in precise synchronicity to the tune of Snuggle Puppy. Okay, maybe no so precise. But holy crap there is nothing cuter than a dozen 4-year-olds in tutus clutching stuffed animals and attempting to keep in step with one another. The highlight, I believe, was when the girls were to skip in a circle, and the young lady next to Jessica appeared to forget the next move. Jessica was not shy about pushing her aside to get where she was going. And again, no damned camera. I'm hoping someone has it on video and can get it to me.

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