Sunday, March 02, 2008

Only 34 minutes til first Wii injury

We bought a Wii today. Which, by the way, is why you should expect very little in writing from me for the next several days. Also expect the entire family to be malnourished and unbathed the next time you see us. For those of you who live in a cave, the Nintendo Wii is a video game machine. It's strengths are the fact that, in order to use it, you actually need to physically move. That's got its goods and bads, which we'll learn about later.

The Wii is in high demand. If a store such as Target or Circuit City lists them in the Sunday circular, chances are they only received a couple dozen and they'll be gone within an hour of the store opening. Today I happened to be out and about before Circuit City opened, and I knew they had some in stock. So I drove by about a half hour before the store opened, and saw a line of a couple dozen people. I figured what the heck, I can stand in a line for twenty minutes or so. While there I learned they had received 23 in stock. It turns out I was #22 in line. Hey, I have a Wii. Folks, it's just that easy. And I had a real good laugh at the dumbass who parked himself at the beginning of the line at 5:30 this morning. He got himself a Wii, and likely a nice case of pneumonia to boot.

Back home, after about 15 minutes of the kids setting up their "Mii" online personalities, we tried out some games. The girls got hooked on bowling pretty quickly. That is, until our first Wiinjury. It was Natalie's ball and, on the upswing, she smacked her thumb on the edge of the coffee table. Nice and purple now. But no worries, the Wii remote is fine.

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Ken said...

My own route to Wii ownership --

sit down at couch, wonder if I can manage a Wii for christmas, pull up Ebay...

drop in a half-dozen low-ball bids (less than $300) for items.. and return to christmas cookie making...

return later, intending that previous bids were really just research into how ridiculous the bids had gotten... shockingly discover that I won one....

and I had only bid on local ones, so I arranged a pickup in Edgewood. I think I was out $280 total. No tax, no shipping.

I think I've pretty easily spent more than that since... more Wii remotes, DDR and dancepads, some closeout games from Iggle Video

I'll need to send you our Wii console ID for your Wii address book, and vice versa.