Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Speaking of bad packaging

A friend sent a gift to my kids today via Amazon, and it takes children's toy packaging to a new low. Rather than the typical wires, plastic, and tape, they toy is actually SCREWED to the packaging, using two hard plastic washers screwed through the cardboard into the back of the toy with a couple of little eyeglass screws. Unbelieveable. And to make matters worse, this toy (a little walkie-talkie) has a "demo" button on the front that pops out of the package so people can try it out on the shelves. Which means, of course, that by the time YOU get to wrestle the package open about ten thousand people have pressed the button before you got it, killing off the battery. Once you turn the unit on, the demo button no longer functions. So, why is it there? Oh yeah, to sell more batteries.

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