Monday, January 02, 2006


Over Thanksgiving, Natalie stunned her parents and the general public. We went to the local newly-opened REI store over Thanksgiving weekend. While there she discovered the Pinnacle, which is the store's freestanding indoor climbing wall. I told her what it was, and immediately she wanted to try it. I didn't think that they would even LET a 5 year-old child climb, but they were more than willing to allow her. So up she went. And she made it almost to the top.

Here are some pics of our little spidergirl.

I'd say something to the effect that she's showing shades of her father there, but she failed to come down all bloody and bruised so she's obviously got more work to do before she completely mimics me. But heck, I was impressed. And mom was a tad nervous. Good thing grandma wasn't there that day.

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