Sunday, August 16, 2009

PA Turnpike Rest Stops

If you've come across this page in hopes of finding a simple list of the rest stops on the PA Turnpike along with their mile markers, you've come to the right place. Find it below. But first, a little back story about the reason for this post.

This past weekend we traveled from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia. At one point during the drive, I thought to pull out my shiny new iPhone and see if I could find a handy list of all the PA Turnpike rest stops and their mile markers. That was actually slightly harder than I had expected. The first hit was of course the PA turnpike website (more on that in a moment), and the second took me to the site WikiAnswers. I thought I would touch on that second one first, because the answer posted there was so abominably stupid it was funny. The posted answer stated "I cannot give you a whole list, but if you look for blue sign that say, like rest stop, or service plaza, that would be where."

Well, no kidding. Thanks for that valuable piece of wisdom.

And, yes, I then proceeded to register on WikiAnswers and put a REAL answer in.

Back to the PA turnpike website. They have a fairly handy and detailed map here that lists all the rest stops, but it's not very easy to read on an iPhone and impossible to read on a mobile device with lousy graphics. So, if you came across this link in hopes of finding a simple list of turnpike rest stops and their mile markers, here you go. And if you have room for corrections, please add a comment.


Oakmont: 49.3

Somerset: 112.3

Midway: 147.3

Sideling Hill: 172.3

Plainfield: 219.1

Highspire: 249.7

Bowmansville: 289.9

Valley Forge: 324.6


North Nashiminy: 351.9

King Of Prussia: 328.4 (this one is closed according to the map)

Camiel: 304.8

Lawn: 258.8 (this one is dog friendly, btw)

Blue Mountain: 202.5

Sideling Hill: 172.3

Midway: 147.3

Somerset: 112.3

New Stanton: 75 ('s not marked on the map)


Nick said...

Leave it up to PA to not make it easy to find information. Also, I wish they had better food at those places.

pj said...

Sideling Hill is both east and westbound. It goes on your eastbound list after Midway. It's our favourite rest stop for the food choices and the views.

And congrats on your new job by the way. Great story! I always said Hilary knows everyone. :)

~ Alison

Richard said...

Travelling home to Wilmington (from Michigan but we have made it to Youngstown, OH thus far) via the good old PA turnpike tomorrow. You list is timely and useful.

Ken said...

I know it's a rather low-tech solution.... but... I have one of these large, folded pieces of paper. I leave it in my car. It has a big diagram of the PA turnpike. It has each rest stop listed, as well as the restaurant choices at each one.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who is alarmed at the disappearance of the old stone service plazas? We are fast loosing a real poece of Americana. The new service plazas are very mundane with no real character/

Anonymous said...

If you go to there is a graphic under the Service Plaza/locations tabs that gives the mile marker and direction of travel, and includes the Northeast Extention. OK, it wouldn't be too readable on a small screen, but it is complete and up to date (as of 8-8-11) with which ones are open post reconstruction.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laugh. We're going to PA from CO, and can't believe we're paying to use this road! After much discussion about how to find a rest stop (after seeing so many closed), we hit the iPad and found your post. Heading for 249 now