Monday, April 27, 2009

Someone call an ornithologist!

Will someone please explain this to me? Three weeks ago we discovered a bird residing in a hanging flower pot outside our front door. I call her our Pot Bird. In those three weeks, we've never seen her leave the pot, even to obtain food. She's definitely alive and well. We've only gone within a couple feet of her, trying not to bother her, but she's not terribly afraid of us. Are there any ornithologists out there who can tell me a)what kind of bird this is, b)when we should expect her to leave and c)whether we should clean up the guest bedroom in preparation for a visit from her family once the eggs hatch (I'm assuming there are eggs, I have not seen them)?


Richard said...

I am not an ornithologist, but I play one in the comments section.

The bird in your basket looks like a mourning dove. I don't know if it flies away to eat when you are not looking or not. Another example of this that happened in Delaware, resulted in bird and a chick leaving in late June. Can you stand it til then?

Circle of Life.

Patsy said...

Unfortunately for you a mourning dove can mate as many as six times during the warm weather season!! Better move your hanging basket.

The Dad said...

Unfortunately for me..why? Jealousy?

(at this point our author was hit over the head with a frying pan).