Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Applecare Bangalore

I had to call Applecare today. This is the second time with the new iMac, for the same issue. Upon restarting the Mac I get the "bong" sound then nothing but a gray screen. Turns out that my firewire external hard drive is keeping it from starting up. The instant I unplug the HD it proceeds. So that's a whole separate issue I'm trying to figure out.

But what I found amusing was the fact that I was so obviously calling India when talking to Apple. The help was perfectly fine, though I wouldn't say "stellar". she stuck by the playbook. BTW I believe her name was "Lady", and she had a thick Arabic accent that she was trying valiantly to disguise. But then there was the hold music. The first song was a Beatles Tune (For Your Love, I think). The second song was some whacked out Indian chanting music. And then there was the background noise. I can't say I speak the language, but it sounded to me like someone was getting fired. I heard a loud voice yell something that sounded exactly like the scene in Die Hard when the bad guy with the long hair (Karl) was attempting to properly disconnect the phones, right when another bad guy came along and cut all the lines with a chain saw. Then, there was yelling back, and more yelling from the first guy. Suddenly all the regular chatter one would hear in the background at a help desk ceased. Lady paused to regain her poise, and continued on the phone with me.

Maybe Steve Jobs himself was visiting?

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Desi Mommy said...

It was probably Hindi, not Arabic, but then again, what do I know? Not only can I understand them now, but I can fake a pretty good off the boat accent. I'm not sure when I'll need it, but just in case, right?