Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Primping for Pesach

"I'll tell ya ladies, this spa is fantastic. First, an egg bath, then a matzoh meal facial (which I thought was a little odd, but this IS Brooklyn), and a little potpurri in the bath. What a life!"


Carrie said...

MD - what is that????? I mean, I get that it's chicken, but who's coming over? Enlighten me - what's pesach?

Desi Mommy said...

Ok, that is just wrong. Now I can't eat poultry anymore, again! The last time was many years ago driving in Hoboken behind a chicken truck with wings and legs sticking out. I chuckled until I realized the birds were for consumption and suddenly the far side image of the boneless chicken ranch made me ill.

As if I don't have enough food issues already....