Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ever feel like you were all thumbs?

It could be worse:

Feel free to add your own captions, but here's a few to start off:

>Man, what a total knucklehead.
>Makes me wonder if his favorite food is hearts of palm.
>When he gives you the finger, he REALLY gives you the finger.
>He brings picking his nose to a whole new level.
>Don't feed the hand that, that's not it...
>Hand-eye coordination was never his strong suit.
>I've gotta hand it to you, when you were told to get a grip on things you really took it to heart.

Note that I have no idea of the source of this's another one of those mysterious email forwards. If you know the source, please, um, give me a hand, and I'd be happy to credit.

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