Tuesday, November 06, 2007

In the right setting...

I heard two things from someone today that, in the right circumstances would be quite fun to hear:

1. I never seen one like that before. That’s beautiful!
2. Holy shit, that’s huge!

Unfortunately, these two things were said to me by an exterminator. We discovered a yellow jacket's nest in the attic. Not being fond of an attic full of stinging insects (or for that matter a shower full, since several of them had made their way into the house through the bathroom vent), I felt this was something best left handled to the pros. The nest was at the very far end of our newly renovated space and not easy to get to, but from about thirty feet away you could see it was about the size of a backpack and rather active. Once close to it, the exterminator dude told me it wasn't just on the wall of the attic but along the floor joists as well. Basically there were enough yellow jackets in there to sting the population of Guam.

$140 later, the nest was destroyed. Frankly it was worth it at any price. Now I can get back to using the attic for what it's original purpose...to pretend to be a troll hiding up there and scaring the begeebers out of my daughters.

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