Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Insta-Blessing Key Fob

gizmodo has a posting about a new product called the "Say-A-Blessing"

The Say-a-Blessing keychain can get through those pesky blessings for you with the push of a button for whatever type of food you're about to eat (except pork and shellfish for some odd reason), allowing you to cut to the chase without pissing off the big man upstairs. Everybody wins? Oy vey. –Adam Frucci

Okay, let's think about this. an electronic key fob. With an LED light on it, no less. For what? for remembering all those easily forgettable shabbat prayers. You know, that day of the week where you aren't supposed to be using anything electronic. Hmm, seems about as useful as a Blackberry with a dead battery, doncha think?

I can just picture my Grandma Edith (rest her soul) trying to figure this out. She presses a button, and some Korean-sounding weirdo recites a brucha in his worst Ashkenazi, all the while Grandma Edith is yelling with a mouth full of rugelach, that little bit of crumb hanging from the side of her lip, a used tissue hanging out of her sleeve, and she grabs my arm with that deathly grip, "Michael...Michael, what is this this thing? I can't hear it! Can you hear it? I can't hear it! He's saying these crazy things, Oy. These new toys!"

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