Thursday, February 22, 2007

Coolest bed ever

My wife made me watch Oprah today (yes, I must preface it that way so as not to be deemed less of a man). Her hottie designer guy (Well, not hot to me...) was doing a bit about designing for small spaces and had a number of products on the show, one of which this enormously cool bed. The bed pivots out of the way like a Murphy bed and at the same time raises up a platform workdesk for your computer and such. How enormously cool. I want one. I think a great addition to it would be a chair that syncs with the bed. At a set time (say, 1:00am), the unit automatically converts to a bed, the chair raises up, and it dumps you into the bed, forcing you to get away from the computer and grab some sleep. Click here for more shots of the bed as well as other neat products from this company, Off The Wall Beds.

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