Thursday, February 09, 2006

Someone call a sports doctor... daughters have Superbowl Fever!

Okay, this post is a little late in coming. So be it. I just wanted to tell the world about this strange new disease that's hit our household, known as football fever. Now, you must understand, that I was brought up in Connecticut, The Land Without Sports, in a very non-sports-oriented family. None of my friends understood me when I was growing up, because I didn't know the difference between a seventh inning stretch and a two-minute warning. when I moved to Pittsburgh, I discovered I had entered this very odd world full of people who's lives rotated around football schedules, people who worshipped these strange golden figures known as Fullbacks and Wide Receivers, often praising glory of these godlike figures while at the same time denouncing their faith when it appeared that their gods were going to fail them.

Then came the playoffs.

Steeler fever hit this town like a ton of t-shirts. Heck, even I started watching the games. Suddenly I noticed a change in my daughters. They would come home from preschool yelling chants like, "Willie Parker Willie Parker!" and "Big Ben Number 7", and ask for new toys like footballs and black & gold pom poms to chant their cheers.

Who was corrupting them? Could their preschool teachers really be secretive cult leaders, teaching the children to rise up against their parents and watch TV all day Sunday? Or could it just be a natural occurrence for all children born and bred in the 'Burgh, to grow up loving all that is Bettis? well, soon I found myself doing something I thought I'd never do...searching out the best deal on Steelers T-shirts.

The Superbowl came, and both kids stayed up for the whole thing. These are kids that normally go to bed before 9pm. And we let them stay up for a FOOTBALL game? My god, were my wife and I getting the fever too? I mean, what on earth were we thinking, letting them stay up for a FOOTBALL game? I think I'm starting to sweat. Quick someone grab me that Terrible Towel over there. AACK! We own a terrible towel? What's going on.

I guess there's no choice. I surrender. We're Steelers fans.


crazygirl said...

hahaha.. how i wish i have a dad like you.. =p

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