Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A poem by my (almost) 5 year old daughter

Written by my daughter for no apparent reason except to show her genius...

A said the R to the R said the O
O said the O to the P and the Q
W said the U to the X and the Z
XYZ said, I love you

Can you tell me what to do?
OPQ and R
Tell me what to do?
H and O and QRS
Tell me what to do the rest

I love you and you love me
I love the coconut tree next to me
This is a cool letter day
O my goodness can you say to me?

There’s a permanent thing to do
Can you tell me what to do
A said W, xyz
R follow me to the coconut tree

Then there was a little girl
Who came around the world
All the letters lived in Pittsburgh
And then the little girl cam e from California
And then the little girl saw all the letters

She took them home, they were actually pasta
And then she took them home to make alphabet soup
There were a couple of vegetables out in the garden
Then the little girl, picked the vegetables, made some broth,
Put them in the alphabet soup

The End